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Thursday 16th February 2023.



What properties does this policy cover?

This website [landandcastles.com] and the video game “Land and Castles”.

What does this policy do?

It governs the privacy of users who use these properties and defines the way that user data is handled.


Creating an account involves storing information provided by a user including:

The user must agree to the Terms of Service when creating an account and may choose to accept promotional emails, these records are also stored.

Users may choose to store other data including but not limited to avatars, badges or player made maps.

Game Data

When participating in online gameplay, data is stored including:

Match data
Wins and losses, numer of knights spawned, battles fought and other related data are stored for match scoreboards and player statistics.
Records of friend requests and responses are recorded for the purposes of providing an in-game friends list.
IP Addresses
Please see the IP Addresses section below for details.

Data collected is also used for building, improving securing and maintaining the properties.

IP Addresses

A users internet protocol (IP) address may be stored when using the properties for security and maintenance purposes.

In-Game Advertising & Analytics

Land and Castles uses analytics and ads provided by Unity Technology and IronSource.

Users may opt-out of personalised advertising by enabling privacy features on their device for example "Limit Ad Tracking" (iOS and iPadOS) and "Opt Out of Ads Personalisation" (Android).

Unity Technologies Privacy Policy


IronSource Privacy Policy


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