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Land and Castles terms of service (the 'Terms'). Land and Castles is based in the United Kingdom.

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Monday 14th February 2022.

What services does these Terms cover?

This website [landandcastles.com] and the online services of “Land and Castles”.

If you disagree with any part of these Terms then you may not access these services.

You must comply with all relevant laws in the jurisdiction in which you reside.




To create a Land and Castles account you must either:

You must be acting in a non-commercial capacity on behalf of an individual. You are responsible for all use of the account and compliance with these Terms. You must not sell or trade your account. You agree that Land and Castles retains ownership of your account.

Digital Content

Some digital content requires internet connectivity.

Any digital content (including but not limited to cosmetics, maps or in game coins) created, purchased, earned or gifted is a license only and does not constitute ownership. You may not transfer this license. Digital content has no real world no monetary value.

Digital content requires access to the online service and loss of access to the online service (for example but not limited to internet connection issues, online service maintenance, account termination or withdrawal of services) will prevent access to such content.

Land and Castles shall not be liable for the deletion, modification, hacking, or any damage or loss caused to digital content.

Purchased digital content may be subject to change after purchase, for example, but not limited to, adjustments or improvements to graphical assets.

Land and Castles has the right to delete, modify, move, re-package, re-price, or transfer any and all digital content, at any time, and with no liability.

You should verify that the correct quantity of coins are added or deducted from your account during a transaction. Please contact support if you believe there is a mistake.


To redeem subscription content you must open the game during that subscription month, while logged in to to the online service, and have an active internet connection.

User Generated Content

You are responsible for any usernames, communications, maps, or other content you create, use, upload or transmit.

Such content must not voilate third party rights.

You grant Land and Castles from the time of uploading the right freely use, modify and republish such content with or without your name or username and without compensation.

You waive any moral rights you may have to such content to the maximum extent permitted by law.

Service Monitoring & Availability

We may monitor the usage of our online services for the security purposes, maintenance and for improving services.

We make no commitment on the availability or uptime of online services or digital content.

Land and Castles shall not be held liable for any service outage which effects access to the online service or digital content.

Refund Policy

You may not refund purchases if you receive immediate access to the content.

Unsolicited Ideas

Please do not submit ideas. This policy is to prevent misunderstandings. We may freely use any unsolicited ideas you provide.

Player Conduct

Any player conduct considered unacceptable will be grounds for account suspension or termination at Land and Castles discretion. Such conduct includes but is not limited to:

Termination & suspension

Land and Castles may terminate or suspend access to these services immediately, without prior notice or liability, at Land and Castles discretion.

Your account may be subject to such action for reasons including but not limited to the following:

Terminated accounts will lose access to online services and any purchased, earned or gifted content. Such accounts will not be entitled to refunds and we will have no liability to you.

If you think we have made a mistake, please contact support.


We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to use Land and Castles online services and digital content.

You may not trade, copy, reverse engineer, decompile, or publish any Land and Castles property.

Land and Castles reserves all rights including to Land and Castles, online services and content and Land and Castles logos.

Software Updates

Access to the online service will require use of the latest version of Land and Castles.

Such updates may also require other software or operating system updates and as such the system requirement for Land and Castles may change over time.

Land and Castles may be updated at any time and without liability to you.

Third party links

Land and Castles is not responsibe for the content of third party links.


Land and Castles is provided without warranty. You assume all responsibility for your use of Land and Castles and the associated online services.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, Land and Castles disclaims all warranties.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, you hereby agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Land and Castles and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers and directors from and against any claims, lawsuits, losses, liabilities and costs that result from your misuse of the Land and Castles and online services or any violation by you of these Terms, or any infringement by you of any third party's rights.

Changes to Terms

Land and Castles reserves the right to update the Terms and users will need to agree to the updated Terms to continue to access online services and digital content. If you decline the updated Terms you will lose access to the online service and digital content.

Read the Terms

You agree that you have read and agree to all of the Terms.

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